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Record July 2017, Tall Ships Races and Pyromagic August final thanks to Szczecin airport visited 5350 tourists

July 2017 - the best month in the history of the airport, the August finals of The Tall Ships Races and Pyromagic regatta, thanks to the Szczecin airport were visited 5,350 tourists, leaving in Szczecin and Western Pomerania region almost 10,000,000 zlotys.


July 2017 turned out to be another month which was a record for the Szczecin - Goleniów Airport. During the 31 days  of July, 59,323 passengers were operated, improving by nearly 27% in the analogous to period of 2016. So good data and monthly records have increased over the first seven months of 2017 to over seven months from 2016, with 323,288 passengers operated.

Very good result of July, will certainly repeat August.

The first two weeks of August were filled with real "raids" of tourists from different parts of Poland, Europe and the world. By the Szczecin - Goleniów Airport the finalists of the Tall Ships Races and Pyromagic regatta reached 5,350 tourists.

The biggest number of foreign tourists was recorded from Norway, Great Britain and Ireland, and thanks to PLL LOT connections via Warsaw, tourists from 23 European cities came to the saiboat rally. From Los Angeles, New York, Tokyo, Seoul, Oman or even far from New Zealand. The domestic traffic was dominated by tourists from Warsaw, Cracow and Rzeszow.

The declarations that came from our passengers showed that Szczecin and the Western Pomerania region are coming for 3-6 days, almost 2/3 of them are the first time, and thanks to data from the Central Statistical Office we know that in our region and Its capital has been left nearly 10,000,000 zlotys.

And this is not the last accent, very successful summer for Szczecin - Goleniów Airport. As early as 25 August, the European Men's Volleyball Championship starts in Szczecin


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