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Information for disabled passengers

Airport and airlines are required to provide free assistance to people with disabilities, including among others check-in and security check. At the Szczecin-Goleniów Airport, assistance to people with disabilities has been vested in SZZ Airport Services, a certified handling agent.

Notification on reservation. Assistance points and check-in

Passengers, who need special help or assistance due to their limited mobility, should inform about the fact on making a reservation or 48 hours before their scheduled departure at the latest by providing information to an employee of the airline, travel agent or SZZ Airport Services - handling agent about the type of disability and form of assistance required. Please remember to read airline safety rules.

Reservation can be made by phone (0048 914817400 or 0048 914817503), in person or via the Internet (e-mail:

In the majority of cases, safety rules specify that people who are not able to fasten their seatbelts themselves, leave their seats and reach emergency exists should travel accompanied by a person capable of providing necessary assistance. The same applies to passengers having difficulties with breathing, eating, using toilets or taking medicine.

Airlines may refuse reservation for people with disabilities only when safety rules do not allow for transportation of such people or the size of a plane or its doors make accepting a disabled person on board and their transport impossible. In the case of refusal, airlines should inform a passenger about reasons.

If the air travel may have negative impact on your health, you should have a doctor's certificate allowing for a flight. Additionally, if you keep liquid medicine or medical equipment in your hand luggage, a doctor's certificate will help passing through your security check.

The Red Car Park has designated parking places for people with disabilities, and the car park provides the shortest route to departure/arrival terminals. Entrances for pedestrians are properly marked and accessible for all users. Additionally, in front of the terminal, a parking place for a person with limited mobility has been provided right next to the help point.

All over the Szczecin-Goleniów Airport, points have been designated where people with disabilities may ask for assistance. Yu can find the points at entrance to the Departures Terminal, car parks, as well as inside the terminal (fenced area before departure rooms). You may also use buttons at entrances to car parks notifying the Information Point about the need of assistance already on parking your car.

If you use a wheelchair, you will remain on your wheelchair until getting on board. If you do not have your wheelchair, SZZ Airport Services will provide you with their wheelchair free of charge.

Apart from transporting medical equipment, air carriers are obligated to transport not more than two such pieces of equipment facilitating mobility per disabled person or person of limited mobility, including electrical wheelchairs, provided they are notified 48 hours in advance subject to limitation of space on board. Please, each time contact your carrier in advance to learn about possible limitations due to safety or civic aviation security as regards transporting certain materials of equipment you may be using, e.g. cylinders with oxygen.

Information about flights is available at information boards inside the departure/arrival terminals and departure rooms. Voice information is also provided. Additionally, you may count on the assistance of airport personnel in the Information Point at the main hall.

Security check

All passengers and their luggage, including equipment facilitating mobility, should undergo security check by qualified personnel. If you are not able to pass the magnetic gate yourself, you will undergo manual check possibly using a manual metal detector. If the security check operator is not able to provide proper check, you will be asked to proceed to a separate room for personal control provided by a person of the same gender with full respect to your privacy and dignity.

Your equipment facilitating mobility will undergo manual inspection according to regulations or, if needed, RTG inspection.

On board of a plane

Passengers with disabilities and people of limited mobility usually get on board first. If they are not able to climb stairs themselves, our personnel may use special wheelchairs/chairs with safety belts.

Air carrier should distribute seats to meet needs of people with limited mobility, and when such a person is accompanied by an assistant, undertake to assign a seat to the assistant next to his patient.

Wheelchairs may not always be placed in the cabin and are usually transported in the registered luggage compartment. If you use a wheelchair with batteries, please make sure before your trip that you have dry batteries which are permitted to transport without additional restrictions. Information placed on a wheelchair about its operation and type of batteries used can be useful for services providing security control.

Transport of guide dogs is permitted in the cabin without additional charges. Larger guide dogs may travel while seated on the floor, whereas smaller dogs may be placed on the lap of their owners. See rules applicable for the airline you intend to travel with

Leaving the plane

People who require assistance while leaving the plane usually leave the cabin last. In case you need to leave the cabin earlier, e.g. you need to transfer to another flight, please inform your carrier in advance.

Your equipment facilitating mobility should be available immediately after landing. SZZ Airport Services personnel will help you to moving from the plane to the luggage hall and collecting your luggage as well as completing arrival procedures (e.g. immigration, customs) and reaching transfer flights if required. The personnel should also help you reaching points where you can use other means of transport, e.g. taxis or buses.

If the assistance is not provided, you can file your complaint with the Airport or the carrier. You can e-mail your opinions and complaints to: or send them by regular mail to:

Port Lotniczy Szczecin-Goleniów Sp. z o.o.
Im. NSZZ Solidarność
Glewice 1 A, 72-100 Goleniów, Poland

Should our answer to your complaint is not satisfactory or in your opinion law has been violated (Regulation 1107/2006), you can file your complaint with the Passenger Rights Committee acting on behalf of the Chairman of the Civic Aviation Office.

This guidebook has been based on Regulation (EC) No 1107/2006 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 5th July 2006 concerning rights of disabled persons and persons of reduced mobility when travelling by air and information included in the guidebook for disabled passengers available at the website of the Civic Aviation Office:


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Rozporządzenie (WE) NR 1107/2006 pdf
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