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Safety and general regulations

Ordinance No 13/X/2012 of the Chairman of Szczecin-Goleniów Airport of 19.10.2012

concerning safety and general regulations pertaining to the Szczecin-Goleniów Airport.

Based on Article 83a.1 of the Aviation Law of 3rd July 2002 (JoL of 2012 item 933), it has been decided as follows:

§ 1

The Ordinance defines general regulations related to safety and security of flights and order at the airport applicable to all people within the area of the airport.

§ 2

It is prohibited to:

  1. leave your luggage or other objects unattended that may lead to interruption in the operation of the airport;
  2. bringing without permission to the airport weapon and hazardous materials or other objects that may pose threat to safety of people, aircraft or airport infrastructure;
  3. litter and pollute the area of the airport;
  4. consume alcohol or smoke beyond designated locations and bring and use intoxicants or psychotropic substances;
  5. bring animals to passenger terminals except working dogs and dogs assisting disabled people for other purposes than registering animals for air travel;
  6. provide without consent of the airport administration:
    • money collection,
    • business activity, including advertising, acquisition or other income earning activity,
    • artistic, political and other activity disturbing order at the airport;
  7. take photographs or film activities related to mine and pyrotechnical surveys and rescue operations, passenger and luggage security control points and passport and document control points without consent of the airport administration in consultation with the local commander of Border Guards, commander of Police or manager of Customs Office – depending on which operations or points are to be photographed or filmed;
  8. disturb, make impossible or hamper official duties performed by the personnel of the airport or air carrier;
  9. make unauthorised changes to airport equipment, devices or systems and make difficult or impossible the use of equipment or rooms designated for public use at the airport;
  10. park vehicles in places that are not designated for the purpose;
  11. breach rules of vehicle and pedestrian traffic established by the airport administration within the operating area of the airport;
  12. stay in the restricted zone of the airport and operating zone without authorisation, or otherwise breach rules of accessing restricted areas at the airport as defined by the airport administration;
  13. bring to a restricted zone or a operating zone, or use vehicles in those zones without a valid pass or authorisation, or otherwise breach rules for accessing those zones by vehicles;
  14. stay at the airport at night for unjustified reasons other than waiting for arrival or departure of an airplane;
  15. avoid security or access control and passing or forcefully cross doors, fences and barriers, and unjustified use of security button that opens doors.
  16. While waiting for passengers, keep taxis cooperating with the Airport and other cars called by clients beyond designated locations;

§ 3

  1. Provisions of § 2.2 shall not apply to representatives of central and local government services carrying guns and hazardous materials or other objects that may pose threat to safety of people, aircraft or airport infrastructure.
  2. Provisions of § 2.4 shall not apply to psychotropic substances applied according to a documented prescription of a doctor.
  3. Development of press materials according to the Press Law of 26th January 1984 (JoL No 5 item 24, as amended2)), subject to § 2.7, shall not require consent of the Airport Administration.

§ 4

All people staying at the Airport shall:

  1. immediately inform the Airport Security Service, officers and employees of the Border Guard, Police about luggage and other objects left unattended.
  2. immediately inform employees of the Airport and Airport Security Service about threats other than listed in 1 or hazards to users and facilities of the Airport.
  3. Follow orders of the Airport Security Service, Border Guard, Police, and airport personnel and air carriers as regards safety and protection of people, aircraft and airport facilities.
  4. unconditionally follow orders of rescue services and officers of Border Guard, Police and Airport Security Service during rescue operations.

§ 5

According to Article 210.l.7 of the Aviation Law of 3rd July 2002 (JoL of 2012 item 933 ), a person who fails to follow orders and requests of the Airport Administration as regards safety of flights or order at the airport shall be liable to fine defined in misdemeanour regulations.

§ 6

The Airport Security Service, Border Guard, Police and authorised Airport services shall be responsible for supervising the implementation of provisions included in the Ordinance.

§ 7

The Airport Security Service is authorised to withhold and cancel passes of people and vehicles that do not follow regulations applicable in the restricted area of the Airport.

§ 8

In any case which raises your doubt, you should contact the Airport Security Service.

§ 9

The Ordinance becomes effective on 19.10.2012.

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